Behind the Scenes / July 2016

Meet Amber, Our New Project Manager

Amber recently joined our team as our first full-time Project Manager. We’ve learned a lot about her over the past couple weeks, and we think you’ll be excited to get to know her too (and see her geeking out at the Andy Warhol Museum).

1. What did you do before working in project management?

I started my career in California as a hairdresser. When I moved to Philly, I went back to school to study anthropology and writing and became a very enthusiastic part time barista. After graduating, my husband and I left for an 8 month jaunt through South America, so I took up freelance writing for the web as a way to make US dollars while living remotely. When I came back to the States, I started pursuing work in the tech industry through Girl Develop It classes, various networking events, and some online study.

2. How did you get into project management?

After freelance content writing for a couple of years, I decided I wanted to work with teams of smart and creative people and do more myself to produce great websites. My writing experience and obsessive organization landed me at a small digital agency in a content strategy role that inherently included PM work. Since I’m most interested in how all the different bits and pieces that make up digital projects work together, and not strategy, design, development, marketing, or anything specifically, project management has been a really good fit for me.

3. What’s your go-to place to spark your creativity (blogs, podcasts, sites, etc)?

Instagram! There is nothing I love more than seeing images from friends, family, and people I admire. It inspires me to see the world through other people’s eyes, one snapshot at a time. Also, I listen to Radiolab podcast when I’m getting ready in the morning. The sense of wonder and the pursuit of understanding that the show brings to sometimes heavy and sometimes mundane topics makes me see the world differently and I appreciate that.

4. What did you love about the last museum you visited?

I just got back from Pittsburgh where I visited the Andy Warhol Museum. I loved everything about it, but particularly the current Ai Weiwei exhibit. The museum did a great job of drawing parallels and marking differences between Weiwei and Warhol’s lives, their work, and their influence on the world. There was also a super fun interactive experience. It looked and worked like a regular photo booth – we got in, posed, and had four images taken. We then got to pick a border design for our physical print of the photo strip, which also included a URL and a code at the bottom. When you go to the site and enter your code, you get a digital version of your strip and a video of your photo shoot with super easy social sharing options. You can see us being big dorks here.

Amber Reeves
5. What’s your favorite spot in Philadelphia?

South Philly as a whole. I’ve lived there since I moved to Philly 13 years ago and I’m still completely in love with it. The mix of cultures and the art, food, and experiences that come with that is really comforting and inspiring to me. We have the best Mexican and Vietnamese food in town, street fairs and block parties every weekend in the summer, and a range of super fancy places and super divey places to hang out. It’s perfect.