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2017 Fall Conferences – Part 2

Conference season is upon us! This fall is full of great opportunities to get away from our desks and check out the exciting things happening in our industry, learn about the latest trends and big ideas, and meet other industry professionals. This is part two of a series showcasing what our staff will be up to this fall. Check out Part 1 to see what Mike and Amelia are looking forward to. Here’s what the Design/Development team is looking forward to.

Christina’s Fall Conference Activity

Christina will be speaking right here in Philadelphia at WordCamp Philly 2017, October 28 – 29, on “Leveling Up Your QA Process as a Freelancer or Small Team.”

I’m excited to see talks by Lauren PittingerAaron Jorbin, and Tracy Rotton, to chill in the Woodlands near the University of the Sciences when I need a break, and to hang-out with old and new friends at the after-party.

Jeff’s Fall Conference Activity

Jeff is headed to the Seattle Interactive Conference October 17 – 18. This two day event celebrates the convergence of online technology, creativity, and emerging trends in one of the world’s most innovative cities.

I’m looking forward to a number of sessions but my priorities are Beyond Gaming: Incredible, Useful & Interesting Ways VR is Used Today, Inclusion in Emerging Technology: What you need to know (and what you can do today), Kernels of Truth: Designing Conversation with AI and Creating User Flows for Mixed Reality.

Tara’s Fall Conference Activity

Tara is headed to Boston in November 13 – 15 for the User Interface 22 Conference for an intense set of full-day workshops ranging from storytelling via design, to design workflow for a multi device world. She’s most looking forward to diving into these sessions:

UI22 will be my first design specific conference and I’m both excited and nervous to be surrounded by some of the industry’s UI elites. The conference is made up of day long workshops, so I’m sure it will be an intensely satisfying learning experience. I’m hoping to bring back some fresh approaches to our work at IM, especially from Abby Covert’s talk “Heavy-Duty Information Organization Techniques for Seriously Messy Designs.

I only visited Boston for a day last year, but I fell in love with the history and tiny streets, so I am really looking forward to going back and getting a chance to explore some museums. Top on the list of places to go is the Boston Children’s Museum, because who doesn’t love a 3-story climbing sculpture?

I also have two life goals I hope to achieve on this trip: 1. Get a drink in “Cheers” bar. 2. Get to stand in Cambridge Square and shout, “Don’t drive like my brother!” and fondly remember summers spent with my face hanging out of the hand-crank window of my dad’s blue Ford truck listening to “Car Talk” while a backhoe dumped mulch in the flatbed and I gorged myself on too many Wendy’s chickens nuggets.

We hope to see you at a conference this fall!