Behind the Scenes / November 2017

Get to know the 2018 Interactive Mechanics Fellows

We recently had our second meeting with our staff, fellows, and mentors, where each fellow got a chance to share their project ideas and goals over Chinese food.


Lori will be enhancing the Transition Town Media website from a UX perspective. Transition Town Media is a hub for individuals who seek to build community independence by localizing food, transport, economy, education, waste removal, and energy. She’ll utilize Google Analytics, surveys, interviews, research with TTM’s local university and cultural partners, and user testing to guide her redesign. She’s looking forward to learning how to create wireframes, create an infographic, and learning Sketch. Through the fellowship she wants to become more confident in presenting her findings to stakeholders.


Ellen will create an art and music project. This animated web page will allow users to play an interactive instrument with their device. She will research audio processing and visualization tools as well as grow her understanding of procedural animation. Ellen looks forward to creating a polished project with a smooth user experience, since she’ll have more time than her typical semester-long work at University of Pennsylvania.


Madi plans to create a web app for survivors and friends of survivors of sexual assault. The app will help users with resources on what to do and how to offer support after assault occurs. There will also be resources for perpetrators of sexual assault to help them seek rehabilitation. Her objective following research from RAINN, WOAR, and other sources, is to learn how to structure sensitive content in an accessible way for an application. Madi will conduct user testing and solicit feedback from campus sexual assault centers. She wants to use Adobe Illustrator InVision. Madi hopes to leave this fellowship feeling more comfortable networking with her tech peers.


Rana plans to build a website from scratch for the first time. The website will serve as the hub for her non-profit and music festival YallaPunk, which celebrates music, art, film and other cultural artifacts created by Middle Eastern and North African individuals. She’s excited to build in a language she can edit, experiment with interactive maps, and incorporate e-commerce functionality. This fellowship will be her introduction into re-branding herself as a web developer after a career as a journalist for many years.

We’re looking forward to seeing how each fellow’s project progresses. The relationships within the cohort have already begun to grow and the fellows look forward to not only reaching their own goals but following along as their peers complete their projects as well. Keep an eye on our blog for more updates from the fellows themselves!

The Interactive Mechanics Fellowship Program aims to build capacity for representation and inclusion in the technology field.