Process / April 2018

Interactive Learning Resources for National Museum of the American Indian Launched

The National Museum of the American Indian has launched a national education initiative, Native Knowledge 360 Degrees (NK360°), which provides online materials, professional development and training, as well as advocacy and national partnerships to improve teaching and learning about American Indians. We had the pleasure of creating four of the interactive learning resources that are included in the newest educational resources from NK360°:

Featured in the Pacific Northwest History and Cultures Inquiry: Salmon Challenges Game

Play and learn what it’s like to be a salmon. Navigate the many kinds of challenges that salmon face in their long journey upstream. This activity is part of a section that teaches how Native Nations of the Pacific Northwest protect and sustain salmon, water, and their homelands.

Salmon Challenge Game
Featured in the Pacific Northwest History and Cultures Inquiry and the Northern Plains History and Cultures Inquiry: Drag and Drop Puzzle.

Show what you know about the key concepts related to each history and cultures inquiry. Users match each source to a key theme and reveal and iconic image. Try a puzzle.

Featured in the Pacific Northwest Fish Wars Inquiry: The Fish Wars Interactive Timeline.

Explore an interactive timeline of the Fish Wars from Time Immemorial to 2014 and learn about the actions that lead to justice. Complete the timeline.

Featured in the Pacific Northwest Fish Wars Inquiry and the Northern Plains Treaties Inquiry: News Article Creator.

Create your own news article that addresses the key ideas of each inquiry lesson.

We also created annotator functions which can be seen on each of the four inquiry lessons. Users can manipulate the annotator tool in order to write notes, get definitions, hear pronunciations, and more.