Interactive Mechanics

A Letter to Friends & Followers of Interactive Mechanics

Over the last five years, I have had the honor to work alongside some of the greatest colleagues and partners one can hope for on projects that have inspired many. We have produced over sixty projects, spoken at over three dozen conferences and events, and have supported seven fellows in their incredible career journeys. We were blessed with awards for our work and our company culture, and—I hope—have helped changed the mentality of similar companies in our space, particularly in Philadelphia.

It has been a road filled with ups and downs, victories and struggles. And, it is with both sadness and relief that I have made the decision to shut down Interactive Mechanics.

When I started Interactive Mechanics, it was built on a dream to create an agency that was guided by values. Our shared values were reflected in the way we did our work, the kinds of projects we took on, and the ways we showed our support to the broader Philadelphia community. It took years of constant reflection and reimagining to find our place in the industry, and I am proud of the reputation we developed along the way.

But I am most proud of our team. While we were small, we were mighty. It was my greatest privilege to see our team grow and the individuals thrive. I watched our team learn new skills, overcome obstacles with grace, and support each other through any situation. Some of my fondest memories were the simplest: sharing a cocktail on a Friday afternoon, supporting a colleague when she gives her first conference talk, or celebrating someone's birthday (in our own unique ways). And while Interactive Mechanics might fade away, I'm proud of the relationships that were created by bringing together this amazing group of people.

I want to share my gratitude to everyone who supported us along the way. Thank you for believing in our mission to do good on meaningful projects. Thank you for allowing our team to be curious, to explore, and to play, finding solutions to support you and your users. Thank you for believing that a company should give a damn about their staff, and be a workplace that is inviting, inclusive, and creative. Thank you for being on our side and for working alongside us.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns, or if you just want to stay connected. I am reachable by both and Our former website is still available if you click here.

Looking Forward,

Michael Tedeschi