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Web Design & Development

Remembering Lincoln

Ford’s Theatre wanted to support the 150th anniversary of the Lincoln assassination with an online digital archive and exhibit. We collaborated with their digital projects and education teams to conceptualize, design, and develop a responsive site that could be displayed across a range of screen sizes, including touch screen displays in the museum.

Remembering Lincoln Website Letter Selection Screen


Remembering Lincoln tells a rich story, allowing visitors to explore a variety of reactions to the events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination and funeral. We wanted visitors to find connections to the story relevant to them as they explore the site. When you find a piece of the story—a letter, a ribbon, or a photograph—that impacts you emotionally, you can save it to your personal collection, which is tracked with HTML5 local storage, and share it with friends and family.

We aimed for the digitized collection, interpretive exhibit, and educational materials to both celebrate the April 2015 series of events, and to continue to serve as a resource for educators and enthusiasts long after.


Remembering Lincoln is one of the first online digital projects Ford’s has built, and we’re proud to have supported this important milestone from the discovery and content development phase through the development and launch of the site in March 2015. Widespread positive response to the site has helped Ford’s accomplish several goals, including praise from industry leaders and contributions to the collection from over thirty national museums and archives. Further, the site will serve as an educational resource for years to come, strengthening Ford’s mission as a theatre, museum and educational resource.