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We've learned a lot from our client projects, and we love sharing information about our process, tools, tips and tricks. We offer webinars, hands-on workshops, lunch and learns, and tailored in-house programs, all designed to expand your understanding of the design process and possibilities. We're always interested in hearing what you want to learn next!

Past Webinars

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Building a Product Definition Document

Where do you start if you want to build a new website, mobile app, or exhibit interactive? Drafting a product definition document can help you clarify and communicate key information about your project.

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Persona Creation Notes

Creating Effective Personas

An important part of the user-centered design process is synthesizing your user research so you can make the most of it in your projects. Personas are a tool to help you identify, research, and understand your audiences, and then summarize them into well-defined fictional individuals.

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Level Up Your QA Workflow: An Approach for Freelancers and Small Teams

Quality Assurance is an important part of building a digital project, but it can be hard to find time to do a thorough Quality Assurance (QA) review when you’re a freelancer or work in a small team. Learn how to create a balanced QA workflow and make the most out of limited QA time.

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Telling Compelling Stories via Digital Experiences

In this workshop we’ll discuss trends in digital storytelling tools and technologies with real world industry case study examples. Get an understanding of the elements of a compelling story, including themes, learning objectives, story structure, style and tone. Learn how to develop your story and determine whether or not digital is the right tool for your project and audience.

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Community Engagement through User Experience

Learn to put yourself in your users’ shoes in order to better understand their motivations, so that you can create a welcoming experience and make something that is useful, easy to use, and enjoyable for them.

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