Creating Effective Personas

About the Webinar

An important part of the user-centered design process is synthesizing your user research so you can make the most of it in your projects. Personas are a tool to help you identify, research, and understand your audiences, and then summarize them into well-defined fictional individuals. They’re a useful way to explore your audience demographics, capabilities, goals, motivations, and limitations. You can then use these personas to help inform design decisions and share your audience research with your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll review all the steps necessary to create meaningful, accurate, and effective personas. We’ll discuss the persona development process, the research you’ll need to conduct based on your current or anticipated audiences, and how to use personas effectively throughout a project. We’ll look at online tools to help you craft personas and share them with your team for review, as well as nontraditional strategies to take your personas further and make them a useful tool for long-term planning.

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