Workshops & Webinars

We've learned a lot from our client projects, and we love sharing information about our process, tools, tips and tricks. We offer webinars, hands-on workshops, lunch and learns, and tailored in-house programs, all designed to expand your understanding of the design process and possibilities. We're always interested in hearing what you want to learn next!

In-house Workshops

We also offer customized in-house workshops, so if you have a staff training need or an idea you want help tackling, let us know!

Past Workshops & Webinars

Digital Projects 101

Are you getting started with a website redesign, mobile app, or new interactive exhibit? Or are you hoping to start a digital project in the future? In this workshop, you'll learn how to define key elements of your project, conduct relevant research, draft a request for proposals, select a vendor, and maintain your project once it's built. We'll also discuss common project types and key terminology, so you can feel confident talking to partners, funders, external stakeholders, and your team about concepts such as agile development and heuristic evaluations.

Introduction to User Experience

At its core, User Experience (UX) is how your audience feels about using a product, system, or service, whether you're designing a website, an exhibit, or a toaster. How can you make something useful, easy to use, and enjoyable? How do you know if your target audience is having a good or bad experience? We'll cover the fundamentals of UX, why it matters, and ways to convince others in your organization to invest in this process. We'll detail a typical UX journey and common methodologies, from user research and analysis to rapid prototyping and testing, including lean UX techniques you can use with limited time and money.

Rapid Prototyping & Testing

Prototypes are early interactive models you can build to test an idea before any code is written. They can range from sketches on paper to a series of click-through screens, and they allow you to learn directly from your visitors before spending time and money on software development. In this session, we'll cover options for rapidly developing prototypes, including paper prototyping and creating rich interactive experiences using free online tools. We'll review how to use these prototypes to conduct lean user tests (in-person and remotely) on a limited budget and schedule.

Creating Effective Personas

Personas are a tool to help you identify, research, and understand your audiences, and then summarize them into well-defined fictional individuals. They're a useful way to explore your audience demographics, capabilities, goals, motivations, and limitations. We'll review all the steps necessary to create meaningful, accurate, and effective personas. We'll discuss the persona development process, the research you'll need to conduct based on your current or anticipated audiences, and how to use personas effectively throughout a project.

Time Crunch Twitter

Not sure how to get started with Twitter, or how to keep up? Learn how to find content and craft effective tweets without getting spending your whole day on social media. We'll discuss ways to organize and timebox for a streamlined social media strategy, and we'll review tools like Hootsuite, scheduled tweets, and curated lists. This workshop is for anyone directly managing a Twitter account, from artists promoting themselves online to museums looking to extend their influence.

Keeping Your Website Up-To-Date

In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a maintenance plan tailored to your organization's staff and budget; how to decide which website improvements to focus on through quick, low-cost user testing and evaluation; and how to use services like Google Analytics or Hotjar to understand the way users experience your website, including how to determine which metrics you're already tracking, how to set up new relevant tags, and how to asses the metrics that matter to you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web standard for tracking metrics on your websites and mobile applications, allowing you to capture information about your visitors and their behavior. This session will give you the tools you need to get useful, actionable data related to your organizational goals and objectives. We'll discuss how to connect your real-world key performance indicators to data available in Google Analytics, use dashboards and goals to efficiently track changes, create automated experiments to test different ideas, and translate your findings into actionable improvements to your website.